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When I lived at home, my mother would almost never allow us to waste food or throw leftovers away. This led to creative ideas on how to re-purpose leftovers into amazing meals. Follow my journey where we re-imagine food and create delicious, easy-to-cook meals for the whole family.

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Hosting with the Lazy Makoti

Get your copy of ‘Hosting with The Lazy Makoti’ and celebrate food with delicious, easy-to-cook meals prepared in your own kitchen.

The Lazy Makoti Apron

Feel beautiful in the kitchen with your own signature apron, designed by the lazy makoti for the lazy makoti. It’s fabulous.

The Lazy Makotis Guide to the Kitchen

Get your copy of ‘The Lazy Makoti’s Guide to the Kitchen’ and turn ordinary food into delicious, easy-to-cook meals.

In a Nutshell

The Lazy Makoti is a South African platform that celebrates food and it’s ability to bring people together and create memorable experiences hosted by Chef Mogau Seshoene. Mogau takes patrons through the continent’s much loved and treasured recipes and cuisines in a manner that aims to preserve culture and bring new excitement to Africa’s cuisine.

Latest Recipies

Tomato Sauce Gravy

Tomato Sauce Gravy

The easiest sauce every, tangy delicious tomato gravy or sauce if you’d like.



An old-time favourite enjoyed by South Africans for centuries.

Chicken and Rice Soup

Chicken and Rice Soup

The perfect heater for the winter. This easy-to-cook dish is guaranteed to keep the entire family filled and warm.

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